Inspired by music I wanted to start my first sculpture, a guitar. I had just been laid off from work and had lots of free time to do something new. I love hotrod cars and from working on mine over the years, I had a surplus of stainless nuts laying around. I also had a desire to learn to weld. So I borrowed my friends welder to see what I could do. After a few practice welds on some scrap metal, I grabbed 2 nuts and welded them together, then another....and another. I just made my first sculpture. A 7" tall guitar made of tiny stainless nuts. After celebrating my accomplishment of being able to weld without burning the house down, I decided to go bigger. And that is how I started sculpting. No art school, just the desire to create art pieces of things I admire and a few things I think up. I Usually pick things that have a beauty that I see wether in how they look or what they do in our life. Enjoy looking through my creations and please contact me if you are interested in a piece or having something made. 


Thank you,